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Fathers Day 2017 Poems From Baby

Fathers day is celebrated to commemorate fatherhood & the best way to wish your father is to send him Fathers Day Poems From Baby & wish him happy fathers day.

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Fathers Day Poems From Baby

Fathers Day Poems From Baby
Fathers Day Poems From Baby



Daddy’s footsteps have been heard in this church for years now,
As he’s worked in the altars, taught bible studies, and ran the bus route.
But something happened not too long ago, he went from the front of the church to the back row.
His prayer call to the Lord somehow got muted out, I couldn’t understand what happened, where was my daddy’s shout?

Work suddenly needed more of his time,
Wednesdays became just another day – He had overtime.
Sundays turned into his only day of rest,
What had happened? I thought in church he would always give his best.

I had noticed his Bible started collecting dust,
His prayer time got shortened with all of his daily musts.
His footsteps at the church seemed to fade more and more day by day
I couldn’t understand what was going on, why didn’t Daddy stay?

I’ll pray and I’ll fast just like I’ve been taught,
Daddy always said “Don’t give up till you get the answer you’ve sought!”
But now Daddy’s gone, to be with me no more,
And there set his Sunday shoes by the front door.


What went wrong, what could I have done?
In my life he was my number one.
Why couldn’t I save him, why did he quit?
His gospel shoes were taken off, maybe because they didn’t fit.

They might not have fit in his life anymore,
Never would I have thought he would back up on the Lord.
This truth was his life, his longing to reach others,
But he got off his praying knees, and left me and my brothers.

I can remember my daddy’s life before it went this way,
“Keep God First in your life”, He would always say
Now my brothers are asking questions with not much luck of getting answers from me,
When they look at Daddy’s shoes what do they see?


” A Real Daddy”

A real daddy

I am only three
I’ve learned so many things that you’ve taught me me
the things I have learn will help me grow
the things you’ve taught me surely show
I know that blue and yellow make green
I know one comes first then two then three
I know how to say thank you and ask
for things by saying pretty please
I know that you love me unconditionally
I know you are are my daddy even if you didn’t help mommy make me
because you have have been there no matter what and you’d never for sake me
you give me kisses and hold me tight
you calm my fears when I wake frighten at night
you kiss my boos boos and make the pain go away
only real daddy’s and mommy’s I have that gift Id say
your are my daddy and I love you with all my heart
because of you me and mommy no longer have a hole in our hearts

Author: Carrie Mcstoots

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