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Entertaining Christmas Holiday Party Games

If you’re planning on having a Christmas holiday party this year, you’ll want to check out ideas for Christmas holiday party games for both adults and children! Of course, you can always use traditional party games like charades, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and the like, and you can stick with the boring old board games of yesteryear. But if you really want to shake it up a little, why not try some holiday-themed party games?

What and how you play games will depend on if there are adults and children around, or if it’s an adults-only party. If there are both adults and children attending, here are some fun ideas:

Secret Snowman

Craft a paper snowman, and place a bit of double-sided tape on the back. The point of this game is that, as your guests are walking around greeting and talking to people, they secretly place the snowman on someone’s back. It won’t take long to realize who’s back it’s on, especially if there are kids around. When the snowman is discovered, it is then secretly placed on another party-goer.

Gift Wrapping Contest

Set out a table with gift-wrapping supplies and an even number of small boxes. Separate into two teams, each person taking a box. When the timer goes off, each person must wrap their box as quickly as possible. The team that finishes wrapping their boxes first, wins!

Christmas Carol Charades

Unlike normal charades, you’ll place several Christmas carol titles in a bowl to choose from. Each person picks their song, and has to act out the title using no words, only actions! This can get pretty dramatic, so keep the camera handy!

Holiday Photobooth

While not really a game, this is a fun activity that will create lasting memories of your party, in the form of photos! Collect several holiday props – Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, silver garland, ornaments – and place them in one spot. Now, allow party guests to don the props in any way they want to, and keep one digital camera close by for everyone to use to take photos! This is a great way to get pics of your party without having to take them all yourself!

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