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Christmas Photography for Lasting Memories

There’s one thing to be said for taking pictures of family and friends around the holidays – RELAX! Christmas photography, outside of a professional studio, isn’t meant to be perfect. What’s important is capturing the memories as they happen!

Here are a few basic photography tips to use anytime, but especially at the Christmas holidays when there is so much going on at once:

Christmas Photography for Lasting Memories

  • Try to remember that your images do not need to be perfect. Often, trying to stage the perfect shot results in the loss of “fun” for everyone, and that shows up on the faces in the image.
  • Impromptu snapshots create the best memories. Years from now, you’ll enjoy that image of grandma sneaking punch from the punchbowl, or dad wearing garland around his neck. Let the professionals do the fancy, formal portraits!
  • Keep a variety of photo props handy – and let people (especially kids) wear or use the props to make the photos you take of them more interesting and funny!
  • Be aware of low-light situations, and prepare accordingly. Most of today’s point-and-shoot cameras have a low-light setting, so at evening parties and in other situations where bright light isn’t available, and flash isn’t recommended, you can switch to this setting and take much better pictures. Just remember that when you get back into a normal lighting situation, you’ll need to again change the camera settings.
  • Many times, you can do a lot of photo editing on the camera itself, but it’s usually more efficient to use simple photo editing software like that found at to edit your images after they have been taken.
  • Christmas Photography for Lasting Memories

And finally – relax, relax, relax! Make sure you stay in the moment while also taking your pictures. Try not to be so concerned with the picture-taking that you forget to enjoy the people surrounding you, and the season that makes it all so fantastic!

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