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Christmas Gift Ideas – Gifts for Little Girls, Young Boys

If you’re really struggling to think about what you can buy members of your family this Christmas, then here’s a few Christmas gift ideas that might help.

When choosing something for relatives who are a bit hard to please (you know the ones) your safest option is to get them a gift card, or present them with cash. But at least make it more interesting by wrapping them up as you would a present. This makes it a bit more fun and prolongs the excitement of when they receive their present. You can also feel confident knowing that they will surely be pleased by the fact that they can go out and purchase something they really want, and in their own time.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Gifts for Little Girls, Young Boys
Christmas Gift Ideas – Gifts for Little Girls, Young Boys

The main advantage of giving them cash is that you won’t need to guess which stores they prefer to shop at. Giving them cash means they can shop for something they want wherever they please. A gift card or voucher might be more restrictive, but if you know they like books for example, they can go and buy a book that they like without you having to guess which book they might really want. Also, buying a voucher from a bookseller that sells a wide range of other products as well, such as WH Smith for example, means that if they can’t find a book they want they can always choose something else. A DVD perhaps, or a music CD.

Obviously you want to make sure that everyone you buy a gift for, will enjoy receiving it. So if you’re not really sure then it’s best to play safe.

If you think that presenting gift vouchers or cash is just plain boring, then the next thing you need to consider if you’re determined to buy them something they would really like, is to choose something related to a hobby they may have, or an activity that they are regularly involved in. Or how about something related to their favourite TV show? Perhaps a ‘behind the scenes’ book of the show, (or movie if they have a favourite film) Or if they like quiz shows, how about a board game based on the show. At least with a board game it means that everyone can join in with the fun and make it more exciting.

Taking the time to find out about what the recipient would really like means they will be more aware of the thought that you put into buying a gift that suits them. In view of this, careful consideration made on your part will make the gift so much more appreciated.

What little girls want for Xmas

Choosing a Christmas gift for a little girl should never pose a problem. We all know what little girls love to play with. Anything to do with dolls is always a winner. Barbie dolls are especially popular and have been bringing smiles to the cheeks of little girls for more than half a century. Currently popular is the Fashionistas Barbie and a new rage of dolls produced in association with ‘The Saturdays’ girl band is selling like hot cakes. But there is such a wide range of dolls in the Barbie range to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones to buy. And there are so many accessories too, including various outfits, sports and activity gear, plus vehicles such as camper vans and a convertible car, bicycle etc., and there’s even the Barbie Glam Vacation House and the Barbie Princess Charm School Castle. It’s incredible the amount of choice available.

Little girls also love cuddly animals (especially ones that move and make sounds like GoGo My Walking Pup) and household toys such as the Honeybake oven and hob play set which provides endless hours of fun pretending to be grown up and making meals just like Mum.

Young children love to play grown-ups with their dolls and kitchen toy sets, and taking care of their little pets, but as they grow older they also become more interested in toys that challenge not only their imagination, but also educate them and help them learn. The ION Piano Apprentice is a great product for helping girls (and boys) learn to play keyboards, which also helps them learn notation too when used in conjunction with the ipad or iphone.

Whatever gifts you choose for Xmas, I’m sure the pleasure you gain from seeing your children play with their new toys will be equal to the enjoyment they get from them.

Christmast gift ideas for young boys

As boys approach the age of 10 many of them have formed a strong interest in an activity or sport that they feel passionate about. So there should be no shortage of gift ideas.

If they’re interested in sport then usually they have a favourite sport, for example football, so do they have the latest football strip? Does their old football need replacing? Do they need new football boots? A set of goalposts perhaps? Or maybe they have an interest in another sport as well. There is such a wide range of sports, there’s always something sports-related that should appeal to the active pre-teen boy.

Another ‘must have’ present that is hugely popular with boys between the ages of 8 and 10 (and over) are BMX bikes. As boys grow and reach a certain age they start to sprout in height relatively quickly, so the bike they have now may no longer be suitable (or have much ‘street cred’ ) And the one great advantage of having a new bike is that it keeps them active, even if they have no interest in sport.

Perhaps they already have a good bike though and might be more interested in the latest video games (sports games or otherwise) Would they appreciate the latest games console if they’re still using an old outdated machine? I’m sure they would. The Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii or the handheld DS consoles are all still popular and in demand and all of them have a huge choice of games to choose from.

Books and films on DVD or Blu-Ray make great stocking fillers. Board games are also strong sellers at Xmas. A trip to your local toy store such as Toy R Us may provide just what you’re looking for. On the other hand, the choice that stores like these provide may overwhelm you. If you prefer to shop online the places like Amazon and Argos may just have what you’re looking for. And most likely offer a better deal. Amazon in particular has some heavily discounted prices on thousands of products.

Just to throw up more ideas that may help you find something suitable, or inspire you on what to buy, here’s a list of just some of the type of products you can purchase online that boys in particular might be interested in….

Lego sets (always a favourite) Vtech educational toys, Radio controlled helicopters and cars, Scalextric sets (my best Christmas ever was when I got a Scalextric) Model railway train sets, Electronic toys, Robots, Pool tables, Walkie Talkies, Digital camers, Karaoke systems (for budding X Factor stars) Table tennis tables, Snooker tables, Electronic keyboards, Acoustic and electric guitars, Digital camcorders, Superhero costumes, Vtech laptops, Portable DVD players, Star Wars toys, Battleship games, Plug n Play toys, Educational toys, and the list goes on…

All these and more can be found at Amazon.

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