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Best Decorating Ideas for Christmas 2016

After Thanksgiving has been celebrated and enjoyed (and sometimes even before), you may find yourself getting the bug to begin decking the halls for Christmas! Fun, festive, holiday decorating ideas can be found in magazines, books, and of course, online, too!

The best decorating ideas are handed down from generation to generation, and have a special meaning to each member of the family. Maybe you remember putting together your grandmother’s Christmas village, and how excited you’d get when she let you choose where each piece would go!

Well, that would be my own memory, but we all have these special memories that go with putting up the holiday decorations, don’t we? Whether it be memories of specific pieces, or activities we were involved in, putting up the holiday decor does tend to just make you feel good. Just the act of getting all the boxes down from the attic, or up from the basement, can incite excitement from even the most stoic of people.

Some people like to have a theme to their holiday decorations, such as old time decor, woodsy decor or even specific color themes, while others collect various decorations through the years and enjoy displaying them all. Usually the collected-over-the-years decorations come with special memories about the time or place each item was purchased, or from whom they received it as a gift.

If you have children, you’ll definitely want to get them involved in the festivities of decorating! Even the tiniest of tots can help out in some way, and it makes lasting memories for them, and gives them a sense of accomplishment.
And then comes the end-all-be-all – the trimming of the tree! Each ornament has a special place on both the tree and in our hearts.

So brew some hot cocoa, open up all the boxes, and let the decorating begin!

Impressive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Impressing your neighbors and showing your Christmas spirit is easy when you choose tasteful, festive outdoor Christmas decorations! From basic lights, to lawn decorations, your entire home can be as “dressed up” as you are during the holidays!

We’ve all passed that house that has a little too much going on in the front yard – the nativity, Santa, snowmen, movie and TV characters, etc. You can easily go a bit overboard when decorating the outside of your house, so try to go with one or two themes, instead of a mishmash of everything thrown together.

Popular outdoor scenes come from various holiday tv specials, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a Charlie Brown Christmas. Usually these characters are built with lights on a wire framing, or are made out of plastic and lit internally. Some will be static and some are animated.

You also have more rustic holiday scenes depicting deer and lit up trees. These look especially beautiful if you live out of town, where they might be surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Larger-than-life decorations abound such as inflatable snow globes complete with churning “snow”, and huge inflatable santas and snowmen. And don’t forget to decorate the trees in your yard with lights and ornaments too! If your trees are especially tall, you can get an extension pole with an open-ended hook on the end that will help get the lights right where you want them.

Nativity scenes are also very popular outdoor Christmas decorations, depicting Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph, the three wise men, as well as the creche and barn animals. These are usually made of hard plastic and come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small set to a very large, life-sized grouping.

When decorating the outside of your home and your lawn, make sure to take safety precautions, keep walkways open, and use care when utilizing ladders in the snow!

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